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For over a decade, Damien Kook has been photographing architecture and design, capturing the spirit of place singular to each project through the culmination of his

background in graphic design and his esteem for both the built and natural landscapes.


Based in Melbourne, Australia, Damien has distinguished himself as a photographer with an inherent ability to produce images that emulate the essence of the environments he is documenting. His works are defined by compositional precision and an authentic articulation of atmosphere. The outcome is images that mediate between commercial aptitude and captivating visual prowess.


Damien is also currently undertaking a long-term project to photograph Australia’s vast and varied natural landscapes. Titled Terra Melancholia, his focus currently lies in the National Parks of his home state of Victoria.


Damien works with a diverse range of clients across architecture, design and environment producing digital, print and moving image works.


Damien is available for commissioned work both locally and further afield.



Photograph: Okay Photo

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